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Silvana L. Rainuzzo, LMHC, CCTP

Hello! I am Silvana L. Rainuzzo, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida and owner of Grow & Evolve Counseling.I am a Certified Clinical Trauma professional, and I am a member of the American Counseling Association, the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association and the Broward Mental Health Counselors Association. I specialize in helping adults recover from past traumas who suffer from anxiety, depression, attachment traumas, and codependence patterns for having grown up in dysfunctional family systems, who also struggle in relationships. I also work with couples to assist them improve their relational dynamics by healing their attachment traumas and creating more loving and authentic connections. I am a bilingual psychotherapist and provide services in English and Spanish. My goal is to help you identify the things that no longer serve you so you can grow and evolve.

In Addition, I provide faith-based counseling based on Christian values for those clients who prefer it and are open to this.

American Counseling Association
Florida Mental Health Counselors Association.
SFACC | Grow and Evolve Counseling
Silvana L. Rainuzzo, LMHC, CCTP