Rapid Resolution Therapy®

Heal at a deeper level and be free from past emotional disturbances

What is Rapid Resolution Therapy®?

Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) was developed by Dr. Jon Connelly. It is designed to help people resolve emotional and behavioral problems that come from past, painful unresolved experiences that created emotional blockages at the subconscious level, which creates a negative loop with negative effects.

With RRT, the mind is cleared of negative beliefs, freed blocked emotional energy which makes way to see new possibilities, and feels complete with the past to make healthier choices in the future. Negative habits and painful emotions are replaced by positive feelings and actions. Clearing stuck emotions and energy from the past, blocked energy is released so that physical and emotional healing can take place. Once the conflicts in the unconscious mind have been identified and cleared, the desired change is automatic and lasting. It is a short-term therapy that typically takes only one to five sessions.

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RRT has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of problems, including:





Performance anxiety